Corporate Services

It's time for your corporation to get that professional look you've always wanted.

Our corporate services offer professional imagery for your business needs. From live streaming, to headshots, and everything inbetween.


Corporate Services:

We create imagery that transform brands, grow businesses and make you stand out.

At ColorDrop Media, we have decades of combined experience between our employees in Corporate photography and videography, and we're excited to share that with you. We offer the following services for corporations. 

  • Non-Advertisement based video content
  • Live Streaming and Recording
  • Event Videography
  • Video Production Services
  • Headshots
  • Meeting Documentation
  • Social Media Management for Events






At ColorDrop, our one goal is to help your business both succeed, and look professional whilst doing it. The services offered above are in detail below.


Live Streaming and Recording:

In the modern world, not everyone can make an event that wants to attend. We can help with that. Our Live Streaming and Live Recording services give your business the opportunity to reach into untapped potential. ColorDrop Media is able to professionally live stream your event through our streaming server. We are able to charge viewers (PPV) so your business is able to create a profit off of your events that people would usually buy tickets to attend. We are able to embed a viewer into any website, so you are able to host video internally. Live Recording is very similar; however it is not streamed live. Upon completion, ColorDrop will provide your company with a video file to use in the future. 


Event Videography:

Hosting a meeting, or summit where you'd like to relive the memories later? This package is perfect for you. With the Event Videography package, ColorDrop Media will attend your event and be able to interview attendees, organizers, and capture footage throughout the grounds of your event. This allows you as a company (or us) to create an after video, promotional package, or anything inbetween for your event. 


Video Production Services: 

This is the perfect package for companies that are looking to create any video content. This is most commonly used for companies that are looking to create videos providing a background on their business, create promotional content for social media, create holiday videos, or internal information for employees. 



Every company needs to be recognizable. Corporate headshots will provide a high quality image of every employee in your company to be used on email accounts, about us pages, business cards and more. 


Meeting Documentation: 

For those companies having board of directors meetings, or companies that provide public services. This service goes hand-in-hand with our live streaming, offering meeting documentation in the forms of videography and photography to keep a historic record of company meetings.


Social Media Management: 

ColorDrop Media specializes in Social Media Management for both companies and events. Whether you are looking for an event to be promoted in the time leading up to, and have a social media team on hand during large scale events, or whether you are looking for ColorDrop Media to fully take over your company page, message us to find out more information. 


We want to work with you to make your business successful. Due to the needs of each business being different, please contact us below for a custom quote. As a reminder: services require a non-refundable 50% retainer.

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