The 7 Best Ways to Improve your Instagram Marketing

Using these amazing tips can help you to remain competitive on Instagram as a Social Media Marketer, or Business Owner.

1) Switch to a Business Profile

Switching to a business profile on Instagram. This will immediately give you access to Instagram Analytics, which will allow you to learn more about your follower base, and see insights that are later discussed in this post. Converting to a business account, even if you do not own a business, will allow you to add links to your Instagram stories (at a certain follower count / if you’re verified), and allow you to schedule and auto publish posts from a third party platform. You’re also able to add contact information to your profile, so that you can give your potential clients or customers the ability to email or call your location. Switching to a business count will take away your ability to go private on Instagram, so your profile will always be visible to everyone on the platform. 

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2) Focus on Saves and Shares, not Likes and Comments

This is one of the MOST important new things to see on Instagram. So many brands focus on everyone liking and commenting on their content, but this does NOTHING for your brand. Brands should be focusing on shares and saves, which can be seen at the post level insights once you have a business account. Creating content that is shareable and savable will allow more people to discover the post. This is how posts are featured on Instagram stories, but can also be shared through direct message to another potential buyer/lead. Focusing on comments and likes is a great vanity metric, however with Instagram starting to roll out hiding likes, and so eventually, posts will no longer be surrounded by likes and views and this number will only be visible to the post owner. 

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3) Stop Obsessing Over Your Follow Count

I hate to break it to you, but follower counts are overrated. As a business account, it doesn’t matter if you have 10,000 followers, or 10 followers; if nobody is doing what you ‘want’ them to do, such as filling out a lead form, or buying a product. A follower could have 2M followers, and only sell 10 sweatshirts from their clothing line (true story!). If your follower base is full of followers that you WANT to have for your business, you’ll be more successful, even with less followers. Unless you’re a ‘clout chaser’, followers on Instagram are irrelevant. 

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4) Switch Your Strategy to up Your Story Game

Put your time for creating content into creating stories daily. Stories will allow you to retain your followers, because once someone follows a brand, they’re more likely to see your content through stories, instead of the feed. Creating stories with calls to action, purchasing links, opportunities to DM, will be more beneficial. You should create a intro, a middle and an end to every story sequence. Create an intro that engages the viewer, a middle that includes video, boomerangs, or creatives that keeps viewers engaged, and at the end a call to action that links to your website through a swipe up, or a form to contact, or engage with others through DM. 

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5) Let Posts Bring you Followers

The strategy on Instagram used to be to post often to reach out to your current followers. Since the release of stories, the focus on posts has now shifted to bringing you more followers. In my opinion, posts should be created to reach a general audience that want to follow your brand, and can even be posted less, because they will continue to reach a wider audience as people engage with it. Following step #2 in this guide will help your post stay popular for longer. Consider bringing your post frequency down, to maybe two or three times per week, or once every week. This will also assist your business or brand to be able to keep up with social media management. Many small businesses do not have the time to be creating content, videos or posts, multiple times per week. Focusing on creating content for your stories, to convert your followers into leads or sales, will benefit your business more than attempting this through the feed. 

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6) Align Your Brand with Your Feed

You no longer need to focus so much on the aesthetic of your instagram feed, but it should be something that you take into consideration. Many profiles will use the same color in every single post, or stick to a pallet; but consider using a program such as Adobe Lightroom, which is free on mobile devices, to use filters to add a hue or filter to all of your photos. This allows you to have different colors, but if every photo uses the same filter, your Instagram now has an aesthetic to it without having to revolve every photo you capture around a color scheme. 

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7) Research Your Hashtags to Target Your Audience Organically

Instagram hashtags have the ability to boost your outreach without having to pay for ads. Make sure that hashtags are relevant and related to your post, however. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags to your posts. Take advantage. Many brands will include all of their hashtags on a separate comment, which still allows your post to be visible just like it would if your hashtags were in the post description, but will keep the post organized so that a viewer only sees the description of the post when they first open it. 

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Vanity Metrics are dead. Here’s why.

For those in the digital marketing world, numbers matter. These numbers help determine success of campaigns. Metrics are a marketer’s best friend. However, so many key numbers that get reported, don’t even matter.

Vanity metrics are dead.

For those unfamiliar with marketing, what is a vanity metric? These are numbers that look amazing on paper, or to someone that doesn’t know much about marketing, or even these days, an influencer. If I told you that I have 50,000 likes on Facebook, or 150K followers on Instagram, it sounds AMAZING. But who cares? What if I then proceeded to tell you that I’m only getting 100 likes per Instagram post? Doesn’t sound as awesome, right? This is the key, though. Only getting 100 likes on your Instagram post means that your engagement rate is low. Very low.

Take Nutella for example. Nutella has a blossoming Social Media presence. Their Facebook page? 31,000,000 fans. Thirty-One Million. However, their posts from a few days ago? 100 likes, and 10 comments. This is an extremely low engagement rate.

It’s time to move away from the vanity metrics. Start looking at the more in depth reasons behind the numbers. Boost your profitability.

Here’s some avenues to explore:

If your vanity metric is a pageview, begin diving deeper, look into the medium that these pageviews come from to see what advertising sources can bring more people to your page or website. Look at shares. Shares boost views, but shares also mean that someone likes what you’re posting. Post more like that, and see more return on investment (ROI).

If your vanity metric is your likes, or followers, as discussed, look at your engagement rate. Pages I personally manage have 14,000 likes; and an outreach of 200,000 viewers per month, however I only have an engagement of 10,500… 5.2%. This is something that I am tasked with improving. Setting a goal for a 15% engagement rate will create a challenge to create more interesting content.

Begin looking at how you acquire your customers. By creating trackable links for posts (like, you can see where sources are coming from as a marketer. There will be a full post on this coming soon, with tips on this, so stay tuned.

If you’re looking to get maximum ROI out of your investments on social media, start looking at more than just the numbers that make you happy. They look great on a report, but your success will measure differently further down the road.


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